About Ganpatipule:

Ganpatipule is a popular beach haven. Legend has it, that Lord Ganpati (a Hindu God), on being offended by a native lady, changed his dwelling from Gule to Pule, and thus the town was named Ganpatipule. It houses the famous Swayambhu Ganpati temple.There is an interesting Ganpati-shaped walk of 1km around the hill, which is called Pradakshina, a way of respect shown by the pilgrims to the deity. It is said that Ganpatipule is one of the eight significant Ganpatis (Ashta Ganapatis) of India. 

Ganpatipule Weather:

The climate at Ganpatipule is typically coastal in nature. It is mostly humid and moist but the air is invigorating and free of pollution.

Summer: The summer sets in from the month of March and reaches its peak in May. However, the temperature rarely crosses 38 degree Celsius,loose cottons are perfect for the summer months. You will get Alphanso Mangoes, Jack fruits, Cashews in this season.

Rainy Season: The Monsoons start from June and goes up to October. Rains are usually plentiful and regular. You will get to see lush green konkan in this season.

Winter: The winters come in from the second week of December and lasts up to February. This is the perfect season for Ganpatipule visit, as the days are cool and the temperature drops to a considerably low level at night.

Ganpatipule Shopping:

Mango Pulp, Amba-poli, Mango pickle, Aamsul, Kokam Aagal, Kokam Syrup, Jambhul juice, Fried jackfruit, Cashew